Saturday, December 21, 2013

Great Moments from 2013 - A Positivity Experiment

By coincidence, I just posted about my favorite Disney-related events in 2012 and 2013.  But this is my official entry in the Positivity Experiment.  Top Ten Great Moments from 2013:

1.  I will celebrate my 17th Anniversary with Danny in 3 days!

2.  I celebrated my 2nd Anniversary at Thinkwell, where I've been happily helping design theme parks, and ended my nearly 6 years with Cirque du Soleil on a positive note.

3.  I got to visit Disneyland and Universal Studios more than any previous year.

4.  I got to meet Tony Baxter, Bob Gurr, eat in Club 33, and visit the Disney and Henson Studios for the first time.

5.  I met a lot of great people this year and, in the process, made a bunch of great new friends.

6. My first trip to Canada, 2 trips back to visit Orlando, and 3 trips back to Las Vegas.

7.  I made my first visits to Magic Mountain, a Ren Fair, San Diego Wild Animal Park, El Capitan Theater, Chinese Theater, Egyptian Theater, The Price is Right, Bob Baker Marionette Theater, Cinerama Dome, and the Pantages Theater.

8.  Health-wise, I lost 35 pounds (only gaining back 10 so far) and got to the point where I could do over 200 push-ups.  I also did my first hike and yoga this year.

9.  Was asked to be in a porn film.  Said no, but it was an honor to be nominated.

10.  Some very cool personal achievements have occurred at work, but I can't quite talk about them just yet.  Soon!

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